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Group Founder: one2play
Group Type: Public join
Members: 190
Category: Your City/Region > Africa

Topics (24)

go Friendly guys (10) spicy.zn
Heloz hw r u? I just joined wana b my fren

go DURBZ CHAROUZ (23) shygalzn
How many of u guyz r 4rm durbz?

go Durban Girls (21) bling18
Durban has some of da most beautiful gals in da world. Agreed? But some of these gorjs gals have da most uglyest of guys 4 a boyfriend iv eva seen in my lyf. My question is Y? Is it coz of wealth? Sm...

go love (1) katyiana
Looking for a decent guy to chat to start a decent friendship with must be bet the ages 30-35 if u fit the profile send me a shout out.

go K.O (1) vengeful
Saw this vid in my mAil the other day. .this guy got knocked out in a boxing mAtch, n while on da ground he wAs stil throwing punches. .wAs so hectic.

go club 330 members (1) 4daladis
al 330 members women especialy

go 133 members..!.!.!. (2) vengeful
Lol, so many pPl joined this group yet i've only seen at least 10 who've been active in this group.

go SmArt Kid. (5) vengeful
Recently on Oprah there wAs this Indian 12 yr old that featured on her show. . The reason. . He performed SURGERY on a girl!!! He has an Iq that rivals mOst on earth! Truely Indians r sharp!! Lmao . ....

go Lmao @ Dreams person (2) vengeful
Actually. .this post is my reply to Dreams person. . Ok. .wel here goes. . I'm no bully! Lol, altho i do make it seem as tho i'm being over bearing, obnoxious and arrogant. .Lol. .Actually those were ...

go TONGAAT GUYS! (7) dreams
hey there ,im a decent girl who'd like 2 start dating again so if u r a decent guy invite me on mXiT @ 0831938452

go Mxit (6) ferhaad
Any decent ppl wanna add me on mxit my number is 0827399723

go looking 4... (5) seaman8
looking at meeting bi indian guyz 4 fun.

go Family immune 2 venom (0) vengeful
I sAw this hectic video in my email the other day. .this infant wAs playing wid a Cobra.!.!.!.. The child wAs bitten mAny times but wAs un affected. .on BBC they sAid this family is immune to its Veno...

go Mxit (0) deez89
Any stekkies 16-19 in n arnd durbs,pls invite me. 083 989 0550. P.s. Im from Chatsworth. P.p.s. Im not very ugly either ;) lol

go Cricket World Cup! (0) vengeful
Its starts tomorrow. . . West indies vs Pakistan. . .any wAy who r the favourites?? Lol, on campus they erected a huge screen by the cafeteria. . . Lol. .its gonna b hectic!!